Why is it so hard to communicate in ‘old fashion way’? In this smartphones and internet era we hardly communicate using what God has given us as blessings : toungue and lips. We would rather stay in silent using our fingers instead. I found it ironic, how we become more brave and more coward at the same time. More brave to express anything we feel, from love, hate , lust to anger freely on smartphone/FB/Twitter/Path status. On the other side, we are turning into cowards, too afraid to express ourselves face to face, eyes to eyes . Avoiding debates and confrontations nowadays is easier, cos all you have to do is simply ignore the incoming messages. Or turn off the phone. More extreme : press delete contact option.

I dont get it, how some people handle this, when a problem occurs. Some chose to give hints over social medias, making others wonder. When somebody else, out of curiousity ask, he/ she would rather talk about him/her instead talk to that person directly. 

I’ve been experiencing being deleted, being talked about, being unanswered by instant messages or phone. IMO, problems must be solved. Arguments should find win win solution. But it takes 2 BRAVE persons to deal with this, and definitely need communication in old fashion way : talk. It will never work out if one of them, oh well too coward to start a discussion face to face.

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