The definition of hungry.

After couple of hours at the gym, when I had only a cup of tasteless coffee for breakfast, when my  body sores from running, pedalling, squating, doing lunges, a little lifting and ofcourse, sweating.

Once in a month, on a few days, excess eating and nibbling. I don’t really feel hungry, actually, but it’s kinda calming, when munching. Same thing happens when I have a lot , i mean A LOT, in my head.

Charity. Giving to the poor, help to the those in need. A fantastic feeling after doing it, no matter how big or small what you give. It’s addictive.

I feel empty. During conversations, that I can’t follow, because I don’t have any knowledge about the topic. That kind of hungry.

When love touch me. Constant hunger of hearing a voice, touching a warm body. I need a chest for me to snuggle in, to feel safe. A shoulder to lay my head. Look to the eyes where I can get lost and finally find my comfort. A zen.


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