Once upon a time.

Once upon a time, an angel fell in love with The Devil. They broke the rules, they drowned themselves in a sea of lust, affections, tenderness and what they thought it would last forever. And it would work out somehow, since everything seemed so perfect.

Time gone by, the feeling grew stronger and The Devil started to want more. Oh that devilish feeling of greed! 

For the sake of fun, The Creator threw the dice. He already knew what’s gonna happen next. Ofcourse.

The Angel stood still, without a word, but it was clear as an answer for The Devil. What has been written by The Creator is only can be re-write by Himself. And nobody can change that, even an angel. 

Shattered into pieces, The Devil also stood still in numbness. Fact was a slap on The Devil’s face. But indeed, a good reminder. Acceptance is a must.

That’s when slowly The Devil turning into an angel too…


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