In Love. 

“ Hi… so sorry…I’m late..” 

 “ Oh no, not at all, I’m only here like 15 minutes. No worries..”

“ Have you ordered yet?”

“ I have. What would you like to eat?”

“ Perhaps, I’ll have a cup of tea.. I think I’ll skip dinner, not too hungry anyway..”

“ Uhm… why don’t you order something light, like an appetizer , or salad… I don’t like to eat alone.”   

I heard the girl chuckled. A moment later, she called the waitress to order salad with separate dressing.

“ So, how’s your bussiness trip? “

“ It was okay. I brought you something… here..”

The girl thanked the boy. Probably gave him a little kiss, because at glance I saw their head getting nearer for few seconds. Then the boy grabbed her hand, and whispered something to her ear. I bet he was saying ‘I miss you’. The girl blushed and gave a nervous grin.

I held my smile. I didn’t know when was the last time I feel the same feeling as hers. But I knew that warm feeling , when your heart beats like crazy, and all the sudden your endorphin level gets high. And you wish that the time would stand still, and night would never end…

“ Oh…About the trip, this week is a no go.. I gotta…”

A phone call distracted me from this guilty pleasure of eavesdropping. It was my son, asking whether he can have instant noodle for dinner.

“ Then next week it is… “

“ Yea, and I should be back before weekend.”

The boy picked up his phone, made an arrangement about flights and hotel.

I went back to my book. Still another 1.5 hours of waiting for a friend. I came early, because I thought the traffic would be a headache on that Friday evening. Unfortunately, somehow, I was wrong. The traffic was very nice and smooth.   

As I requested,my dinner was served 30 minutes later. I was already hungry, I thought I’d order dessert later, wait for my friend to arrive first.

“ You know, it’s kinda funny… How we end up like this. Have you ever thought about this before..?”

“ Yea. Sometimes. But I dont really think much of it…Better just let it flow..”

“ I don’t know where we’re going… But honestly, you got me dreaming here, like a fool..”

“ Well,now I am here with you, right..? It all that matters..”

I could not stop my smile. Oh these are lovebirds! While chewing my lasagna, I let my mind wandered, back to those good old days when youth was really still be a good friend of mine. When a strong, sacred bondage called marriage was never cross my mind, yet. No.. no… I wasn’t blaming or regreting the path I was taking. It was just a reminiscence of this youthful feeling of being in love. After years of marriage, when the priorities in life is getting more complex, somehow romance became a privilige to have.   

I let those two lovebirds with their intimate conversation, apparently they were much deeply in love. I could see the way they looked at each other. The boy just couldn’t take his eyes off of the girl, while the gestures of the girl said the same thing to him. Ahhhh..felt like watching a romance movie , actually not really watching since I was only listening and sometimes glancing to their table on my left.

I was about to finish my lasagna when I heard the girl’s phone ringing. I couldn’t hear what she was talking about since she left the table to take the call. Afterwards, she got back and put her things back to her purse in a hurry.

“ I gotta go..”

“ What happened?”

“ It’s my kid. He bumped his head in the bathroom, perhaps he needs some stitches. My husband already on his way to pick me up now. By the way, I met that your wife’s bestfriend down at the lobby. I told her I have meeting in the another restaurant, ya…”

I choked. 

( a re-post )

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