Battle of Sexes.

Some says that I’m too cold. Too independent. Showing too much power, that’s why some people, especially men find me too strong, too wild for their ego. 

Actually, just like any other women, I have my soft spots too. There are times, when I got stuck, didn’t know what to do or where to start. That’s when I seek for a partner, a friend to share. For a discussion, not for a debate. Eventhough sometimes I don’t really follow exactly what they suggest, since I have to make my own decissions, but for me they already help me to see from different perspectives. They prepped me for any possibilities that might appear. I surely appreciate that. 

Maybe some men like their women helpless. So they can fullfil their ego as a superior. I can give that too. I can pretend like I always need a help, I can pretend that everything is too hard and I need them to do that for me. I can be annoying. I can be spoiled woman who doesn’t know anything except shopping and spreading my legs wide open for them.

But based on past history, it wouldn’t last long. As soon as I get the signal I’m being a disturbance, incapable, as soon as they thought I complain too much ( i only try to share, for heaven’s sake ) that’s when I’m back being me. I keep my mouth shut, and do everything on my own. And when I’m back being me, tell me…

What are you to me?

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