As a mother, or a housewife I’m considered far from perfect. Lack in every aspect. I got help. Plenty of them. We have 2 maids, and a driver ( eventhough I’m familiar with all these chores from cleaning the toilets to ironing since I was a teenager ). 

If things don’t work properly in this house, we can always pay. Or even buy a new one.

That, makes me compromize.

Because I know, I’m not doing what other housewives are struggling everyday. I never had maid problems for like more than 12 yrs. I often heard, some of, well..most of my friends had their maids changed for various reasons. 

Everything in this house is running like a machine. Same old routine from early morning til the night comes.

I can imagine myself, what would I be, if I were doing all these houseworks. Take care the kids, cleaning, driving them to school, washing clothes, ironing every single day.

I’m pretty sure I would not compromize as much as I am today. Maybe, I’d be those kind of ladies who yappin’ around, complaining and litterally being ‘the queen of the house’. Maybe I’d demand more. Maybe I’d take control of financial, savings and assets, because : I deserve it, I’m doing my job for God’s sake. Maybe I’d take control in most of decissions too. Maybe I got fat, and snob.

Would it work out? Nah. I guess not, either..

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