Sometimes, the way I give advices can be too blunt. Sounded harsh, perhaps, to those who’s expecting a nice, tender, full of loving support.

Maybe the tone of my voice. Maybe the words that I typed. Maybe… it’s just the way I am. 

But I’m telling you, I mean every single word I said or typed. I think about your problems too. I want you to feel relieve too. I want you to move on too, as soon as possible.

Instead of being pitiful to yourself ( or worse, expecting people to pity you), every problem, heartache can build you into something better. Will make you to know yourself better. You’ll learn from every bitterness you taste. You’ll be stronger, as long as you don’t think too much of what other people may say or judge. What is happening to you, they don’t really know. They are not you. So why should you care?

Go to your loved ones. Especially your family. Then your dearest and trusted friends. Appreciate their love and attention. If one person hate you, doesn’t want you, then give more love to others : your kids, your parents, your friends, even your pet. Don’t fight fire with fire but most important : don’t get burned.

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