In the future,  I plan to spend the rest of my life somewhere up in the mountain. I was thinking about Bandung. I always love that city. 

I chose Bandung for study, even I had never been there before. The main reason was simple : the cool breeze. Well, it’s not that cool anymore ( considered hot ) thanks to unplanned development and yeah, global warming.

But I believe, somewhere up there, where there’s still a lot of pine trees, I can feel the nice cool and fresh air just like Bandung during the old times.

The problem may be water supply. Because the higher you go, the deeper you must drill to find water source.

I already have this plan long time ago. I can’t see myself living in Jakarta forever. It’s too noisy, too busy, too tiring. Retire in a small village with a nice weather and view sounds like a terrific idea.

It gets more expensive living in Jakarta. Everywhere is money. Don’t forget the electricity bill, since we’re depending on air conditioners. Perhaps I’ll have someone to design an eviromental friendly home for me. 

It would be 2 storeys, with 2 rooms upstairs for my children ( and grandchilren ), and a room for myself on it’s lower level. There will be a nice small pantry and ofcourse, a spacious living room.

Living room is a big deal for me. It has to be nice and comfy, with sofas and little colorful cushion pillows. 

The house would have wall to wall glass windows where I can see the trees freely. 

Probably when the time comes, I’ll be too old and too tired with the hustle and bustle in life. I’ll find my comfort by reading books and writing. I’ll go downtown probably only once or twice a week to get food supplies. Oh, hopefully cable tv will be available too. That, also an essential for me. Haha.

Maybe I’ll hire a couple , husband and wife, to do gardening and cleaning. We’ll plant vegetables on the backyard, enough for us to eat. 

And how am I gonna pay for that? I’ll think about it later. All my life, God has been good to me. Even during the hard times. God always give me me a way. Everything that I ever imagined, somehow, always happen. Only waiting for the right time. 

Let’s hope God also grant me with excellent health, so I won’t be a burden to anybody and finally, leave this world in peace.

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