A Woman’s Work.

When you go to the bank, how can you ask for money+interest, if you haven’t invested anything yet?

Men thought that women are complicated. Actually, what we..oh well…most of us, need is a simple thing called : comfortness. It is more important than material things. When the heart is empty, but obedience is a must, love feels more like a cage than a feeling.

We are, infact, complicated. That’s why, we hardly can focus since we have so many things in our mind. We have to be multitasked, and God! Taking care of children and house indeed is already a 24/7/365 job. Not to mention the pressure of being an easy target to blame when something is not right or good infront of family or society.

Children have failing grades. Mother’s fault.

House is not tidy. Wife’s fault.

Husband not wearing the right tie. Wife’s fault.

Maids come and go. Lady of the house’s fault.

Have maids and driver. That woman is useless, not doing her job.

House expenses is high. Wife is not being smart in financial management.

And all of that faults, can be eased and accepted if we have the right partners. If they can not help in doing our 24/7/365 job, at least they can try to hear and understand, without prejudice. Afterall, this cost them no money, right?

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