Some said.

Some said, don’t spend too much time on socmeds.

Some said, do whatever you want.

Some said, you gotta make a living.

Some said, becareful with your money.

Some said, you live your life too easy.

Some said, take your time.

Some said, you’re too slow.

Some said, you’re doing ok.

Some said, you become more bitter.

Some said, you’re indeed, strong.

Some said, find another.

Some said, focus on your loved ones.

Some said, get rid of this.

Some said, hold on to what you have.

Some said, you’re rich enough.

Some said, you’re gonna loose all of this.

Some said, people thought you’re this and that.

Some said, scr#w them.

Some said, make sure of your future.

I said, I don’t have the energy to think about things that aren’t going to happen yet…..

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