I always wanted to go to Japan. Not just because my major was Japanese Language and Literature ( which, most of what I have studied have gone due to lack of exposure and practice ),  the country itself always fascinates me. Thanks to ol skool anime movies such as Voltes V, Go Shogun, God Sigma, and Captain Gaiking. I watched them when I was little. 

From socmeds, everytime I saw friends who spend their holiday in Japan, I still have the same urge to go back once more.

Yep, I’ve been there, finally. Just last year. It was kinda blurry experience eventhough i was there for 10 days. I remember seeing things. But my feeling wasn’t there, at all. I don’t recall happiness. I don’t recall excitements.

Am I being unthankful? Perhaps. 

Maybe next time I’ll go there, my feelings will be so much better than last time. If I can’t afford fancy flight, fancy hotel or eat in a fancy restaurant, I will find my way to get there somehow, but with more excitements and happiness. 

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