Flying solo.

Is it better, she asked.

My answer is : yes, but not really.

You seem happier.

Not really.

You seem lighter.


How you manage?

Everybody can manage, if they believe in themselves.

How you provide?

God takes care of me. And that person gave me some help.

How much?


Do you forgive?

I do. But I don’t forget. My bad.

Are you still angry?

Yes I am. 

Are the kids OK?

They’re holdin’ on. Nope, they are not entirely OK.

Will they manage?

They will, but the scar stays forever, like it or not.

Will you heal?

I should. I will.

I’m thinking about…

No. Don’t think about it. 

But there is no hope.

There’s always hope.

But it’s too complicated.

Because you’re too focus on the difficulties and forget to count your blessings.

But he’s…

Don’t point your finger. Focus on yourself, what you did, what you do and what you will do.

I don’t know for how long.

Don’t think about it. Just do what’s the best you can do. 

Your suggestion?


For how long?

As long as you can.

Until when?

Until you know that you won’t feel sorry for whatever that might happen, bad or good.

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