” Mom, when I’m at the airport I’m gonna call you using SingTel number.”

” Well, you don’t really have to call me. You can just Line or WA me.”

” Yea, that will do.”

” It’s still a month away. You’re really excited, ya…”

” I’m excited.. but on the other hand I’m…uhm.. you know.”

” I know. You don’t have to tell me, I know.. we’re connected, right? So I always know things you don’t really need to explain. ”

” Yeah…”

Another lesson is learned. Sometimes you forget how selfish you are, when you feel like nobody cares. When you feel lonely, and left alone. 

You have to believe, when you love with all your heart/ unconditionally, the person(s) you love will definitely love you back. And the universe will conspire to repay, and take a good care of your heart.


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