Do I stalk? Oh yea, ofcourse. It’s fun. But I stalk only certain people, usually people I do not know.
You know those celebrity gossip accounts? I stalk some of them. It’s kinda fun to know about these celebrities when you’re reaally rrreally don’t know what else to do at home.

Oh nooo…Don’t say you don’t do gossip. Bullsh*t! Pffft… *blowingraspberry*
Everybody enjoys gossip. Men, women. Even children! I guess it’s human nature : always want to knooowwwww…
For me, okay, it’s just something that comes in my left ear and passed thru my right ear. Not something worth it to me to judge. I don’t know them anyway.
Have I being stalked?
Yea ofcourse.
One time I found out that somebody stalked me using our friend’s socmed account. It’s okay. It’s a free world.
One time I was told that some people made a conclusion, oh well.. a jugdement based on my posts. They said, ooh she must be this.. she must be that.
Did I give a slightest damn?
Ofcourse not.
You see, I hardly use hastags or nametagging. Because frankly my dear, I just love to write, about everything, based on anything! And it’s not really a big deal for me, whether it gets read or not. If somebody read it, thank you. If nobody reads it, it’s okay too.

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