Random thoughts about last night 52mins chat over the phone.

A friend called.  

” What can I do for you?”

” What do you need ? ”

A help is offered.

I said ‘thank you’. So far everything…thank God, is under control. But it’s not really the point why I’m writing this note.

I felt…Overwhelmed. Thankful. There are sincere people in this big city.
Up until this morning I’m still digesting everything he said, one of them is : hating people is like stabbing yourself over and over again but expecting other people to die.


Encouragement words.

Sympathy words.

Concern words.

Well, this old friend of mine is just being a thankful person. He remembers everybody who has built him to be who he is today. He’s a good Christian who would do anything he can for people in need, regardless their religion and beliefs.

He believes that God will not abandon us, no matter how hard the situation is. 

” You don’t need to be worry,  I believe you won’t suffer. You have that aura. ”

” What aura?”

” Aura of the rich.”

I laughed. Aamiin, I said. It’s one of the benefit of having fair skin, I guess.

He said he’ll contact me again as soon as he gets what he can do for me. I didn’t even ask him to. I never ask, to be precised. But he did it anyway.

You see, good people do, still exist.

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