I was born on Friday.

I started to have a monthly paid job after more than 16yrs of hibernation on Friday 5 months ago.

I started my own professional writing with a pray, a bismillah.

I know writing has always been a passion to me. I got my first writing fee when I was 10 years old for a poem. I don’t know whether it was also on Friday or not, but sure it was a good day. Then I got another one couple of months later, also for a poem.   Both, I got Rp 5.000,- each.

After I got my first child, I wrote a short story for a magazine. It was like, only for a page.  I got paid Rp 185.000. It was considered small amount of money, compare to a job as a housewife at that time. But the satisfaction was overwhelming. Then I wrote another short story. It took 3 pages. They paid me Rp 240.000. I think I wrote another 2-3 pages fiction story, but I could’nt remember it got published or not. I don’t know what days they were, but sure they were good days.

I know, I’m not really a good writer. I can’t play with those fancy words and grammar. I’m already a complicated person, and last thing I want is people who read my writing feel like it’s complicated and confusing. I am just being me, and I hope in a way, you’ll find at least one of your similarity with me, and you’ll understand what my mind is telling you about.

Today is not Friday. But my mind is all set up with plans and goals. Whether God will grant a success on Friday or not, I’m sure it’s gonna be a good day.

12 thoughts on “Friday.

      1. hwhwhw entah lah kadang agak bingung ini Cicik bahas apaan πŸ˜€ maklumlah Cik, menurut sebuah penelitian, kecerdasan linguistik wanita kebanyakan melebihi lelaki kebanyakan.
        gimana kabar path.., apakah aman semenjak berubah menjadi semi-twitter..?


      2. Ah gue tetep bikin path kayak path sih. Karena Path gua realtif secure daripada twitter, apalagi FB. Isinya juga gua kenal semua. Belom cocok gua, jadi haaaaarrteiss..dimana semua orang perlu tau idup gua, tssaaah!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. tsaaaahhh.. hidup path. dia baik hati sekali mau-maunya menerima segala postingan otomaitisku dari wordpress. Maaf yaa meracuni beranda pathnya. semoga cicik ga mintak pajak hwhw.
        path bisa juga ga secure Cik, semenjak adanya teknologi capture layar.


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