21 minutes after officially turning 41.

First, thank you and praise to Allah… for today I’m still breathing, healthy, and content.

Couple of hours ago, with the sound of takbir, I had an unforgettable moment with my teenage son. We talked about our issue, we cried, we hugged, and in the end we said ‘ I Love You’ to each other.

You see… separation, a divorce is hurting everybody. Especially your kids. You may say : ‘ in the end this shall pass..’ but don’t you know, you selfish parent(s) : the damage is severe to them. True, they may heal. But the scar stays forever.

If your marriage is not dangering or potentially threatening your life, try to make it work. No matter how hard it is. If being ‘unhappy’ is the reason, try to find your own happiness without hurting these young hearts. Believe me, you don’t need anybody to make you happy. YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! Talk to an expert. Find a hobby. Do some, or even more exercise. But more important is : have a gut to holding on to what you have, which is…your family!

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