Everybody goes on holiday.

Festive seasons, everybody goes on holiday. International, domestic destinations. Everybody goes on holiday.

3 festive seasons, I didn’t go on any holiday. I went for a short getaway, on my own with some friends. And it can’t beat that feeling, when you’re on vacation with your loved ones.

Selfpitied, of course I feel that. But the fact that I can’t afford ( yet ) to go on decent holidays which my kids used to have,  keeps my feet grounded to the earth. If that’s the fact, then I must admit and accept it.

Ofcourse I can always take them to more affordable trip and destination, I guess it won’t be much of a deal for the youngest boy. But for my oldest  ( and considered almost spoiled with luxury ), well.. I don’t know. Call me coward, but I still can’t handle myself of being turned down by my own child *hiks*. Eventhough by turning me down, it’s simply because he just concerns about my financial well-being.

So… everybody goes on holiday. But like any other day(s), this shall pass too and things should be back ‘normal’ again, soon.

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