What happen to them, based on what I read on online news, sounds familiar to me.

Even the Singapore situation.

[ Ofcourse, there are significant differences WHICH, I’m too lazy to describe because of… It’s been ages ago…it has been his words, their words….my words…. *YAAAAWN! ]

I’d rather be curious, what’s behind Veronica Tan’s closed lips.

She has 3 sons. IF she really loves that other man ( IF this affair really exist ), what made her so foolish to sacrifice her 3 sons? Does LOVE really can make you sacrifice the most precious thing that ever happened to you?

I compare her with me. I’d die, if I lost my sons. So I definitely will do everything, anything, in order to keep them always with me. Losing child custody for me, feels like a death penalty.

Does love between a man and a woman ( again, IF the affair really exist ) can make a mother ( sort of ) neglect her own flesh and blood?

I understand if a man can do such thing. Meet another woman, divorce his wife, and leave his children to their mother. It happens all the time.

But a mother?

For me , in this world, there is no purest love except from a mother to her child(ren). It’s the real form of what they call : unconditional love ( sorry Dads, no matter how good you think you are, but I think you can never compare because it’s just the way it is ).

What happened between her and kokoh Ahok my idol?

You see…

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong in marital problem, but always a reason and cause.

Ahok seems like a lovable husband, romantic too. But we never know what’s really happen behind their closed door. How he is in front of Bu Vero, vice versa.

A wise man told me, nobody knows better about a person except who is sharing the bed with her/him. And the funniest thing about marriage is, you tend to hold your ego to maintain good name, good image towards everybody, except your own spouse. You don’t need to maintain anything to your spouse, because… hey… you already got that certificate or little green/brown book of “ownership”, riiiight? <—– and this is so WRONG!

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