The Tale of Mr. Stefan Scrooge.

For Stefan, Anja was a liability, when she’s nolonger useful to him.

Eventhough she’s the mother of his children, for him, Anja was a broken goods. He could get and buy a new one, easily.

Stefan counted every penny, every dime he had to spend for her meals, her clothes, even her soaps. It became his burden, day by day. It irritated him. Oh yes, it did.

So he cut her loose.

Ofcourse, he gave Anja enough money to have a decent life. But still, he counted every dime, every penny. He made sure that the money is “just enough”. And he made sure Anja knew that she would never have a taste of his earns anymore, even a penny. Even a dime.

But Anja was a fighter, she struggled, and wiggled, if must. She always thought that she was nobody before, so what she’s dealing with that day was not something new. She would survive. She would be just fine.

So she was.

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