Talking is Easy.

Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a toxic relationship with someone, among friends, or co-workers. Some, we can manage to end them easily, some well… not so simple.

The longer you’re in, the harder you’ll get out. Why? Because you have found so many excuses to be in that position.

“Maybe she’ll change….”

“But they are my only friends…”

“What would I do without him?”

“Perhaps, this is God’s will….”

“Where else can I find the coolest job like this?”

You know what, it’s totally okay to feel that way. And gathering the strength of finally let go, sure needs a lot of logical thinking and ofcourse, hard work.

Making a decission to end and walk away always needs preparations, if you don’t want end up in regrets, or worse… going back again and remain stuck in vicious circle. and remember…. to fight yourself, and your demon inside your head, is a lot harder than having a battle with other people.

What you have to do first is to open wide your eyes. See all the signs. Put your ego and heart aside.

Is this going to make me better?

If it’s not, then stop.

Is he going to leave her?

If he’s still with her after all those years, then stop.

Are they giving you as much as you give to them?

If it’s not, then stop.

Are you performing well in the office?

If going to the office feels like dragging a ball and chain, then stop!

…..right now, while writing this, I’m slapping my own face.

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