A Prayer.

Visited a dear friend this afternoon at the hospital. At first, she looked fine and she said she felt a lot better.

She told me, that before being hospitalized, she couldn’t move and couldn’t talk. Her body was aching and she felt severe pain in her left abdomen.

Some of the test results mentioned that there’s no problem in her kidney like she thought before. But she needs to do more spesific test on her abdomen.

Few hours later, suddenly she wrinkled on her bed. Infact, she was on painkiller and it was starting to worn out.

She was on fetal position, showing that she was bearing a lot of pain. When the nurse came in, i can hear her almost crying tone in her voice.

I freezed.

I did not know what to say or do. I could tell she was in a lot of pain, eventhough she tried so hard not to feel it.

I ran my fingers thru her hair. I did not say a word, only cast a pray for God to have mercy and ease her pain.

That friend of mine, behind that frail body, she kept a lion inside. She’s always a fighter and have been thru a lot in her life.

But seeing her wringkled like that….. really broke my heart.

So dear God,

If You listen and possibly reading this, please heal her. Bless her, like she always believe in You.


Lebak Bulus, 21/08/2019

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