About A Girl.

There is a girl. She lives her life by following her heart.

Based on intuition, she said.


She tends to break the rules. Not all of the rules, but yea.. probably most of them.

I have my own opinion and way of thinking, she said.


Eventhough others said it was wrong, it was uncommon, it was weird, whatsoever.

All I can see is, she hardly feels regrets.

That’s what keeps her going.

One day she said to me : ” Whatever you do, make sure you will never regret it. Acknowledge first, any possibilities of whatever things that you wanna do, good or bad. And be prepared of any consequences. Because the lousiest feeling in the world is regret.”

She paused for a few seconds.

” And best thing to not feel any regrets, is simply to be yourself.”

That’s what she said. And that’s what she does, or will do.


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