Note to self, and to you perhaps…

Some things are better left unexplained. What you’ve done wrong, admit it, but never expect anything in return.

He/ she is hurt, you’re hurt, yea yeah…everybody’s hurt. And then what? You’re gonna live your life of being hurt and hurt people in return like one vicious circle?

Some things are better left unsolved.

If it’s too much, too hard, too complicated, then leave it all behind. Trust destiny to decide, wheteher some people will stay or go in your life. The right people will stay, unconditionally. You do not have to burn yourself to make other people happy or content.

If somebody said they’re hurt of what you did, what you said, if you think you’re really doing what they said, do not hesitate to apologize.

If you don’t… well just really make sure you don’t do any hurtful thing to them. When you finally sure, just stand still. Be in complete silence. Cuz honey… you just can’t please everybody…..

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