Weird People on Instagram

I was changing my Instagram profile from private to public because of this stupid best nine application and accidently add some random people (RP) on Instagram :

RP : ” Hello. Where do you live?” –> by direct message

ME : ” Jakarta, Indonesia.”

RP : ” I’m half Korean half Arab.”

*sent a video picturing an Asian guy with a bushy eyebrows talking about something*

Me : [uhm, this feels something is off]

RP : [sent another video]

Me : [weirdo alert automatically ON]

RP : ” I live practically everywhere, since I love traveling. But I live in Istanbul with my big family. Maybe I’ll come to Jakarta to see you.”

Me : ” Mmmm.. have u ever been to Bangkok? Similar, but more busy.” —> tried to be a nice Visit Indonesia Ambassador, with weirdo alert still ON.

RP : ” Tell me about Jakarta.”

Me : ” Sorry, I’m driving.”

RP : ” Ok, don’t chat while driving.”


I gotta get rid of this weirdo later. Ride (bicycle) first.

But I forgot.

On the next day :

RP : ” Hey, I’ll come to Jakarta on Monday morning.”

Me : ” Yay! Enjoy Jakarta.” —> it was a flat and ofcourse meaningless “yay!”.

If this guy asking for a meet up, something is off.

RP : ” I’ll be staying in Hotel Grand Melia, Kuningan area. Perhaps we can meet over coffee?” [smiley emoticon]


Something is obviously off. If he’s that handsome and filthy rich so he can live everywhere in this world he won’t be this desperate asking to meet up some random people.

Me : ” Sorry. I don’t meet people that I barely know.”

Then I left the phone to clean my bicycle and hit the shower. Maybe almost an hour later, I looked at this guy’s reply by direct message on Instagram.

RP : ” Okay. Already unfollow. LOL.” [smiley emoticon]

Me : ” Good.”

Case closed.

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