Expectation Leads to Disappointment

“ I was already in peace before I met you. I lived my life the way I wanted it to be. But you came along, and somehow you took most of my mind. I really thought you’re gonna give me happiness, away from all my mess, but YOU’RE NOT!!”

Me speaking silently inside : “ Well…darling, you are not a kid, and I am not your favourite candy store.“


Being A (Mean) Mother

Your kids mad at you, and scream : “I HATE YOU” to your face because :

1. You yelled at them to get up and hit the shower instantly so they won’t be late for school,

2. You keep reminding them to eat their vegs and fruits,

3. You ask almost everyday how the day at school was or whether they have homework or tasks to do at home and urge them to finish it as soon as possible and for that they thought you’re super annoying,

4. You don’t want them to spend too much time on their cellphones, tablets, PS and computer games,

5. You check their nails and teeth all the time,

6. You give them curfew,

..and the whole nine yards.

Sounds familiar? Well..I get them too. Here’s what I always do about it.

Everytime they said ‘you are mean!‘ I reply calmly : “ Yes I am. How come you never notice? Oh, after all this time!”

Somehow, they have nothing to reply me back after I said those words… *grin*…..